Are you looking for a unique fundraising opportunity?  Do you LOVE my products?  I have a great one for you.

Simply email me at for a promo code and let me know what organization you are with.  Once given the information I will send you out a code (to be used at checkout).  You will decide on a 2-week time frame to run your fundraising event and you will send your customers to my website to place their orders.  

After your fundraising event is over, I will gather the orders placed, ship them to your customers and then I will send your organization a check for 20% of your sales (shipping not included).

It's that easy!  I require at least 15 items to be ordered total for the fundraiser to be effective and for you to receive your check.  

If you would like to do a group order to save on shipping costs, you can go ahead and do that.  Otherwise orders will be shipped direct to the customer.  No hassle for you!

Don't forget to have me make a custom scarf for your organization!!

A great way to make some money for the Moms of the team!!!